Follow tips if your property’s assessed value is lower than the expected

A property assessment is an important procedure that helps in estimate the approximate market value of your property. Various factors affect the valuation procedure such as location of the house, condition, size of the house, facilities in the house, recently sold similar properties in the area, safety measures and age of the house. While, these aspects may result in higher assessed value of the property, at times, it might be possible that the value quoted by the assessor is way lower than the ‘asking’ price.

Key reforms in real estate will boost the demand

The recent demonetization drive has definitely helped the government score well on regulations and transparency. We have taken a holistic view of the continued political will towards reforms in the real estate sector - and the very real challenges the government faces. "Improved transparency will drive increased participation by institutional investors in India. With strong linkages between regulations, transparency and real estate, we assign it a high weightage," COO - Business & International Director, JLL India.

4 myths about property investments

Investment is a practical business and where there is practicality, there is no place for superstitious minds or myths. There are plenty of them surrounding around property investments. Myths or excuses? Let's break down these irrational logics and state the obvious.

Tips for buying your first investment property

Business is a smart man's game whose logic if understood can turn your life into a living dream, and investments are a crucial part of that game. To participate to win, one must stay at par with the rules of the game or else failure can easily follow.

How to find the right real-estate agent for you

Trust is volatile and you can only trust someone so much with all your money- real estate agents being the most important part of it. So, how do you decide whom you can give the trust of your money? We have some factors that stay mandatory for checking whether your agent is the right guy for you......


The Investment Buzz Investment is a smart source of income. Once you get the hold of it in the right manner, there's no stopping to the money that follows. One requires a good asset to invest in, something that guarantees a positive future outcome. Major investment opportunities lie in the real estate investment market and diving in this genre of investments with the right mind and way promises great returns.