4 myths about property investments

Investment is a practical business and where there is practicality, there is no place for superstitious minds or myths. There are plenty of them surrounding around property investments. Myths or excuses? Let's break down these irrational logics and state the obvious.


"You need to earn loads to invest"

People who say they don’t have enough money to invest don’t know how to spend their money either. Having money is more about your ability to make smart savings, instead of being a reckless spender. This doesn’t mean you have to cut on your luxuries or requirements, properties can be purchased for as little as $30,000 and investors can enter into the market with as little as a 5% deposit (providing all lending criteria is met).


"You can buy close to a positively geared property these days"

Our personal research and experience has shown clear facts that investing in such properties has proven to be extensively fruitful for our customers. It is only a matter of putting efforts to research and allocate the right resources into your property for future gains. All you need to do is get in touch with expert property realtors in your area of interest.


"It is wiser to follow market trends/cycle"

It is still a debate whether market cycles exist or not and although experts reveal that past trends do not reflect on the future ones, we have yet come across instances where the chains have been repeated. Either way, cycles or not, it isn't guaranteed to follow a particular trend neither is it guaranteed to not follow one. But what we can assure is that the right knowledge, right location and the right time will definitely guarantee good money!


"It is advisable to invest in places closer to where you live"

Although that might feel much more convincing and convenient, it isn't always the best solution for smart investments. One needs to be fully aware of the market situation at various places and know the best opportunities in and around your place as well outside your zone. It requires extensive research and knowledge and if you don't have the time or right resources for that, simply contact us to find the best bet!